Moving to another city, yes or no?

Moving to another city, yes or no?

Studying abroad, looking for a job in the city, learning or improving a language, or simply change of pace. There are many reasons why you are thinking about living in another city, country or continent. Even if it is willingly or by necessity, it means taking an important decision that has both strengths and weaknesses. Have a look at these aspects that will help you when thinking of moving to another city!

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Tips to find your ideal apartment

Tips to find your ideal apartment

Information technologies have allowed the average person to obtain any degree of information with just a few clicks. It allows us to extract information from search engines or digital encyclopedias. Likewise, looking for any specific piece of information becomes easier. At Trovit we want you to find your perfect apartment in your first try; we have recently added new filters in order to make your search more comfortable. If you are interested on finding out how they work, keep on reading!

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Buying a house for under $100,000

It almost sounds incredible, right? It isn’t. Even in the biggest cities there are houses to be found at extremely affordable prices, sometimes even under $100,000. Take a look at the cheap homes currently on our search engine, and don’t hesitate to use our filters to adjust the results to what you’re looking for.

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4 new additions to Trovit!

When it was founded in 2006, Trovit wasn’t called that, it was Casabuscador, Cochebuscador and Currobuscador. As time passed and we decided to open our search engine in more countries (Germany, UK, Italy and France) we quickly had to find a name that was easier to remember and that would become our brand in all countries.

Trovit has grown year after year, opening in new markets in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, and as of December 2014 we were present in 39 countries.

Today, we’re proud to present the four latest additions to the list of Trovit countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark and Hungary. So there’s 43 now!

We are currently working with a total of 1,300 portals in these countries, so our search engine’s users have a complete overview of the market, and we’re constantly working to increase the number of portals whose listings we show.

Stay tuned, we’ve got more surprises for you… and they’ll soon be revealed!