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Trovit Employee Feature VII: Guillem Anguera

by Chelsea Jimenez March 14, 2012. Leave a comment

It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted a Trovit Employee Feature, but we’re back this week with one of Trovit’s most veteran employees, Guillem Anguera.


Position: Sys Admin

Time in Trovit: 3 and a half years

Age: 29

Previous Job: Sys Admin for Jazztel (telephone company).

First thing he does when he gets to the office: Guillem eats breakfast at home so he skips the kitchen and goes to his desk to get straight to work.

What he likes best about Trovit: The great working environment (young, international, diversity in opinion and points of view…)

Why he would recommend Trovit to a friend: Because everyday you learn something new.

Hobby outside of work: Too many to say, but they’re all sport-related. Year round he mountain bikes, in the winter snowboarding, and recently he has started rock climbing. It’s clear to see that Guillem is an adrenaline addict, any type of sport that carries a bit of risk he has to try. (Let’s not forget that last year he got his license to be a recreational skipper)

Music he listens to while working: Anything and everything, with very little criteria. You can see it with your own eyes as his Spotify playlists are public!

Dream job: Something outdoors that entails a bit of risk, and in one way or another, involves helping others.

Favorite view from the office: The Emisora de Esplugues (radio tower). He passes by the tower frequently on his biking excursions and he loves the panoramic views of Barcelona.

Place he would like to visit: Australia

Google results when he searches his name: He shows up quite a lot with links to his profiles on different social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter…) and also results for a professional diatonic button accordion player with the same name.

4 things everyone should know about him: He can’t come up with 4, but 1 would definitely be that he was in the Spanish military in Jaca.

His first job: In 2000 he started out as a LAN Admin in a cybercafe that was called “Over The Game.”

Something he would never do: Contradict his convictions

Want to get to know other Troviters? Find out more about Albane, CamilleDaniAislingSophia, and Javi

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Martians vs. Apples – Which Has More Jobs to Offer Android or iOS?

by Chelsea Jimenez March 6, 2012. 1 Comment

As the Mobile World Congress has come and gone (until 2013 that is), we've rolled out a new infographic to show how mobile jobs are truly going global.

A few of the bigger stats:
-We have over 84,000 mobile jobs, making up a total of 0.54% of the jobs available on Trovit.
-Globally, Trovit has 20.4% more iOS development jobs than Android dev jobs.
-The US comes in first for the most Android and the most iOS dev jobs in the world.

Check out the infographic to see more cool stats, like which city has the most mobile development jobs in the world.


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A “Mobile” Career — Mobile World Congress Edition

by Chelsea Jimenez February 27, 2012. Leave a comment


MWC February 27th-March 1st 2012

The Mobile World Congress is back in our lovely sea-side city, Barcelona, for the 2012 conferences and exhibitions. With over 65,000 attendees this year, it’s impossible to deny the importance of going mobile. As the industry grows exponentially, it has created job opportunities across the United States. On Trovit we have thousands of “mobile” jobs so we’ve broken it down by operating systems and the most popular locations so you can find them easier.

Partial to a certain operating system? No worries, we have jobs for all OS!


Some of the most popular cities across the US for mobile jobs:

The mobile phone has definitely come a long way since it’s debut in 1973. As technology consistently reinvents itself, the mobile industry is for those who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box! (And we mean literally, as the first generations of mobile phones resembled boxes more than they did telephones). We hope that the job opps above will point you in the right direction to jump start your “mobile” career.

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Happy President’s Day

by Chelsea Jimenez February 20, 2012. Leave a comment


With the long President’s Day weekend coming to an end we hope that you had some time to relax and get a bit of your “To Do” list taken care of. If finding a job, car, or home was on your list then we’re here to help! In honor of George Washington’s birthday (which is what President’s Day is all about), we’ve made a list of all things Washington to give you a few ideas while you search.

- George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732

- Washington held office as the first President of the United States from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797.

- We can thank George for giving name to both our nation’s capital, Washington D.C, and the state of Washington.

- Washington was not a member of any political party, and actually hoped they would not be formed, but against his wishes political parties are the backbones of our government today.

- Though cars didn’t exist in Washington’s time, if he were around today in age then he would also have the Cadillac DTS “Presidential state car”

Happy President’s Day and happy searching Troviters!

image source

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Top 10 Most Romantic Cities in the US

by Chelsea Jimenez February 9, 2012. Leave a comment


The Trovit Stressball has been to many romantic cities around the world, from Paris, to the canals of Venice, to the picturesque beaches of the Maldives, to Mykonos, this ball is on a roll. In planning its next adventures it got us to thinking, where are the most romantic cities in the United States?  So with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, where are some great places to live and work for our fellow romantics?

According to Travel & Leisure, these are America’s 10 most romantic cities:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii

2. Charleston, South Carolina

3. San Francisco, California

4. New Orleans, Louisiana

5. Sante Fe, New Mexico

6. San Diego, California

7. San Antonio, Texas

8. Las Vegas, Nevada

9. Miami, Florida

10. New York City, New York

With only 2 of 10 cities seen, it looks like the Stressball has some traveling to do!

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Jobs in Sports – Super Bowl Edition

by Chelsea Jimenez February 2, 2012. Leave a comment


This Sunday everyone will be around the TV for the Super Bowl, whether it be to watch the Giants square off against the Patriots, or just to see the commercials, half-time show, and eat tasty snacks. But for the sports fanatics that are intently watching the game, it’s more than likely that the same thought has passed through their minds: I wish I could get paid to play sports! Knowing that not everyone can make a living being a professional sports player, it’s good to know that there are a lot of other jobs and careers out there that can let you live the dream of having your life revolve around sports, without having to put on a helmet and shoulder pads.

Here’s a few example of great jobs and careers in the sports industry:
Click on each job title to see the openings in your area!

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The Coldest Cities in the U.S.

by Chelsea Jimenez January 31, 2012. Leave a comment


I bet you didn’t know that January was National Soup Month, nope, neither did we! But what’s better than a hot piping bowl of soup to warm-up during the winter months, especially if you live in one of these top 10 coldest cities in the U.S.

1. Fairbanks, Alaska
average winter temperature: -6

Homes in Fairbanks

2. Grand Forks, North Dakota
average winter temperature: 14.8

Homes in Grand Forks

3. Bismarck, North Dakota
average winter temperature: 16.7

Homes in Bismarck

4. Fargo, North Dakota
average winter temperature: 16.8

Homes in Fargo

5. Watertown, South Dakota
average winter temperature: 16.9

Homes in Watertown

6. Aberdeen, South Dakota
average winter temperature: 17

Homes in Aberdeen

7. Laramie, Wyoming
average winter temperature: 19.3

Homes in Laramie

8. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
average winter temperature: 20.1

Homes in Sioux Falls

9. Duluth, Minnesota
average winter temperature: 19.4

Homes in Duluth

10. Butte-Silver Bow, Montana
average winter temperature: 22.5

Homes in Butte-Silver


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9 Generations of the Honda Civic

by Chelsea Jimenez January 11, 2012. Leave a comment

Did you know that the first Honda Civic first arrived on the roads nearly 30 years ago? The car that most every person in the US can say that they know at least 3 people that own one, has had some major facelifts over the years. Check out the progression from the first generation Civic of 1973 to today’s 2012 model in the car’s ninth generation.

First Generation (1973-1979)


Second Generation (1980-1983)


Third Generation (1984-1987)


Fourth Generation (1988-1991)


Fifth Generation (1992-1995)


Sixth Generation (1996-2000)


Seventh Generation (2001-2005)


Eighth Generation (2006-2011) 


Ninth Generation (2012- )


Have a favorite generation? Find a used Honda Civic in your area on Trovit!

Image sources:,,,,,,

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Trovit and the Banc dels Aliments

by Chelsea Jimenez December 22, 2011. 2 Comments

During the holiday season Trovit has made it a tradition to contribute to the Banc dels Aliments (Food bank) in Barcelona. Though Barcelona is a culturally rich city, there is a large population of people who cannot make ends meet and over the recent years the number continues to rise due to the ever increasing unemployment rate in Spain.

In the beginning of December we placed a table at the entrance to our office and over the past three weeks it has been filling up with non-perishable food items brought in by our 64 employees and neighboring offices in our building. Tomorrow these items will be brought to the food bank where over 300 charities in Barcelona will then distribute the items to those in need. In 2010 over 100,000 persons benefited from the food drive. We’re hoping that in 2011 the donations will reach even further!


If you’re interested in donating or volunteering at your local food bank you can visit The Global FoodBanking Network‘s website.

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5 Ways to Better Your Search in Trovit

by Chelsea Jimenez December 14, 2011. Leave a comment

Today we thought we’d do a special post about how to improve your searches in Trovit.

It’s true to say that for those of us who work in Trovit, using our site to search for our next property, car or job has become second nature. This is why we would like to share with you some of the tricks of the trade that we have picked up along the way, helping you get to what you’re looking for faster.

1. Know what you’re looking for before you look for it.

To begin with, we must know what it is we’re trying to find and where.

It definitely helps, at the moment of searching for something, to know exactly what we are after and where we want it to be. For example, using a generic word like Marketing is not the same as using Assistant Marketing Online. Or, to use another example, your results will be very different when typing in Apartment Chicago compared to Apartment Austin 2 bedrooms.

To help limit your search a bit you can use some of the filters that you’ll find on the left-hand side of the search pages. Do you know if you would like a new build? Something with parking? Or perhaps something that doesn’t cost more than £250,000? With these tools you can refine your search and save a lot of time by only being provided with the most relevant results.

In Trovit Cars you can filter your search for your desired car by filtering by year or by price, for example.

Looking at Jobs, it proves to be very useful to only look at the job offers that require a certain number of years of experience or that are part-time etc.



2. How do you prefer to see the listings? In a list, by photos or on a map?

In Trovit Homes and Trovit Cars we offer you the possibility  to see the listings in whichever way is more comfortable for you. You’ll find these different options on the left-hand side just under the filters. In Trovit Homes you’ll be able to search using all three options while in Trovit Cars, you can see the listings in list view or only those listings that have a photo.


3. Save the listings that interest you the most so you can get back to them in a flash.

One of the lesser known possibilities in Trovit is the option to save your listings so that you have them at your fingertips whenever you want to get back to them. To be able to save your listings all you need to do is register in myTrovit and click on ‘save this listing in myTrovit,’ that appears in the ‘more’ option of each listing.

4. Change the combination of words that you use in the search box.

Trovit, like other search engines, works with keywords. If you change these keywords around you will get different results, meaning you may just find that listing you´re are looking for.

For example, you could look for property like this:


However, it gives you results that you’ll already have seen. Try to vary the search by adding a neighborhood or some characteristics of the property you are looking for:


5. Create alerts and find out about the newest listings for your search.

The quickest and most effective way to find whatever you are looking for, before anyone else, is to create yourself some alerts with your searches. Once this is done we’ll send you an email as soon as there are new listings matching your search.

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