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Father’s Day Weekend Getaways

by Chelsea Jimenez June 15, 2012. 1 Comment


This Sunday is Father's Day and many people may still be scrambling around looking for a gift for their Dad, but lucky for you we here at Trovit Vacation Rentals know exactly what he wants! Quality time with YOU! So why not take the weekend to get away and spend some one on one time with your old man? We have great ideas of places to go for every type, from the Dad that can't stay still, to the Dad who just wants to soak up the sun in a comfy lounge chair.

If your Dad is Adventurous why not consider doing an overnight at your nearest National Park? With nearly 60 National Parks in the US you're bound to have one nearby to spend the day hiking and enjoying the views with your Pops.

Where to stay in:
Grand Canyon
Glacier National Park

For the Urban Dads who prefer skyscrapers to mountains just head to your nearest big city where you can spend the weekend playing tourists.

Where to stay in:
New York City
Los Angeles

Artistic Dads' dream Father's Day getaway would have to include strolling through a museum in the company of his favorite child. Even if he's already been to the museum, 'artsy' dads don't mind a repeat trip!

We suggest:
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Art Institute of Chicago
Cleveland Museum of Art

If your Dad looks forward to the weekends to be able to relax in front of the TV, why not take him outside to get the same R&R, but to the sounds of waves crashing instead of football players tackling.

Outer Banks
Hilton Head
Santa Barbara
Fort Lauderdale

A very Happy Father's Day to all the great Dads out there!

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Trovit Employee Feature IX: Caroline

by Chelsea Jimenez June 4, 2012. Leave a comment

It’s starting to get warm over here in Barcelona, the home of Trovit HQ. With people starting to think about summer vacation, it can be hard to sit someone down for long enough for them to tell us about themselves. However, in true Trovit Employee Feature style we have managed to pin down our next “volunteer”.


Name: Caroline

Age: 29

Position in Trovit: Country Manager for Trovit Netherlands and official caretaker for Morocco Cars.

First thing she does when she gets to the office: To start the day Caroline likes to head to the kitchen to grab some breakfast and a cup of coffee, after which she checks her emails.

The best thing about Trovit: Being young and international herself, Caroline likes the fact that Trovit has a very relaxed, youthful and multicultural atmosphere.

Why would she recommend to a friend that they work in Trovit? The job is extremely varied and no two days are the same. In her previous job, Caroline used to be very focused on sales with little opportunity to manage her own time. In Trovit, she enjoys the opportunity to manage her time as she sees best.

Hobbies outside of work: She likes all things sport; field hockey, running (along Barcelona’s beach) and going to the gym to name just a few. Caroline also enjoys dining out in some of the wide variety of restaurants that Barcelona offers.

Music she listens to at work: Coeur de pirate, Keane and Michael Kiwanuka are all featuring on her playlist at the moment.

Dream job (not counting Trovit of course): any job that managed to combine both traveling and sports would suit Caroline just fine.

Favorite view from the office: The view from the Trovit games room looking out onto the Mediterranean sea, Montjuic and the Iglesia de Santa Maria del Remei.

Where she would like to visit: She would very much like to see Kuala Lumpur, along with the surrounding areas of Malaysia. As luck may have it, she will be spending her honeymoon doing just that for a whole 3 weeks.

Some other things everyone should know about her: She is often assumed to be Dutch, but is in fact Belgian (she grew up in the Flemish part of Belgium, speaking French at home and Dutch at school). Sticking with the language theme, Spanish is impressively the 6th language she has learnt, with French, Dutch, Italian, English and a touch of German being the other 5.

Want to get to know other Troviters? Find out more about Guillem, Albane, CamilleDaniAislingSophia, Javiand Mavi.

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Summer’s Here! (unofficially)

by Chelsea Jimenez May 30, 2012. Leave a comment


Most people consider Memorial Day Weekend as the kick-off to the start of the summer season, and we like to agree, so we’ve launched  our Vacation Rentals search option in the United States so you can start planning your summer getaways A.S.A.P. Search over 100,000 vacation rentals across the US on Trovit.

No idea where to go? Here’s a list of the top vacation destinations in the United States according to U.S. News Travel. Whether you’re a city, beach, or mountain lover, there’s a place for everyone!

Had a different place in mind? Search wherever you want to go, when you’re going, and the amount of people going on Trovit Vacation Rentals.

Happy Vacationing Troviters!

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World Press Freedom Day 2012

by Chelsea Jimenez May 3, 2012. Leave a comment


Today, May 3rd, has been established as "World Press Freedom Day" by UNESCO as a day to "evaluate press freedom around the world, to defend the media from attacks on their independence, and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession."

If you are passionate about current events and want to be part of the next generation of journalists, editors, broadcasters, and news reporters, there are many offers across the United States for all things to do with the press. For every magazine, newspaper, television news program, radio broadcast that we read, watch, and listen to, a lot of people are needed to make it happen. Here's a few ideas about the types of careers in the industry. If you're interested in seeing available job vacancies across the U.S. you're just one click away!

Freelance Journalist
Copy Editor
Freelance Copy Editor
Editorial Assistant
Creative Lead
Creative Writing
Producer (radio, t.v., …)
News Reporter
Writer Editor

Looking for something different in the industry? Browse more job offers in Arts, Entertainment, and Publishing

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National Volunteer Week

by Chelsea Jimenez April 18, 2012. Leave a comment


As the current employment situation in the United States makes finding a job a rather long process for most Americans, it's important to look for other ways to keep your resume current. One of the best (and most gratifying) ways is to look for volunteer opportunities in local organizations. In honor of National Volunteer Week we want to give you some ideas on where to find volunteer work.

On Trovit we have nearly 7,000 volunteer opportunities which you can browse and apply for, but if you are interested in volunteering for a specific cause we've put together the following list of some of the top NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and their current volunteer vacancies in the United States.

Looking for a different cause? See the full list of the top 100 Best NGOs in the world!

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Trovit Employee Feature VIII: Mavi Jimenez

by Chelsea Jimenez March 26, 2012. Leave a comment

Though the Trovit offices are officially located in Barcelona, some of our tech team telecommutes to work from other parts of Spain. In this employee feature find out more about what it’s like to be a telecommuter for Trovit.


Name: Maria Elvira Jiménez, but everyone just calls her Mavi

Age: In February she turned 30 and was scared that it would be more traumatic, but she’s realizing life in your 30s isn’t so bad after all

Studies: She has her degree from the University of Murcia as a Technical Engineer in Computer Systems. Recently her love of art has brought her back to the University as she’s currently in her second year studying Fine Arts.

Hometown: A small town outside of Murcia called “Mula.” She enjoys Mula because of it’s tranquility and the picturesque castle (Castillo de los Vélez) overlooking the city.

Previous Job: She worked in a bank as a COBOL programmer, but it wasn’t the right job as everything was too serious and she couldn’t wear her Converse!

Position in Trovit: PHP Programmer, and currently the only female in what we call the “Parsing Corner” (the section of the office where the programmers sit).
(We’re currently looking for a Senior PHP Programmer at Trovit. Have what it takes? Apply here!)

How she started working as a telecommuter for Trovit: A friend of hers, who was already working for Trovit as a telecommuter, asked her if she would be interested in the offer and she decided to try it out. The trial period seems to have gone well as she’s been with Trovit for nearly 3 years.

A typical day as a telecommuter: At 8:00am her alarm clock goes off and she gets dressed. Though many people think telecommuting means you can work in your pajamas, Mavi believes that if you’re not dressed you can’t work. Her computer is programmed to turn on at 8:15 while she makes coffee, puts on her music, opens up the Trovit chat, and starts her day.
When she’s done she closes everything up and heads off to class. When she gets back she checks back up on work to make sure she hasn’t left anything undone.

The best and worst of being a telecommuter: When she first started to work at Trovit she was surprised by how much they trusted her though she was not physically in the office working. She likes how telecommuting allows you to manage your time how you like (studies, run errands, personal life, etc.) and since you’re at home, your work environment is much more comfortable and much quieter (and generally less stressful). To add to the benefits, as transportation and gas prices continue to rise, she considers herself lucky to not have to spend money on the bus or have to grab the car to get to the office. Bad part about telecommuting? You need to have a lot of self-discipline to continue pushing yourself.
*She would also like to add that telecommuting means she can’t share in on the sweets, pastries, cakes, etc. that we have in the kitchen to celebrate birthdays and Trovit anniversaries.

Hobbies: She loves art and has always loved to draw, design, and paint (we would like to note that she is very good at it). Her natural talent and passion for art is the reason she started studying the Fine Arts. She also loves to swim and whenever she can get a free moment she heads to the pool.

4 things everyone should know about Mavi:
-At 6 foot 1 her height is something that always draws attention
-She loves junk food and Coca Cola
-She has an alter-ego which you can see in her blog
-To pay her way through college she worked as a mailwoman for the Post Office and got to deliver mail on a Vespa (this is what sparked her love of Vespas).

Wish you could telecommute? Search thousands of job offers for telecommuters on Trovit!
Want to get to know other Troviters? Find out more about Guillem, Albane, CamilleDaniAislingSophia, and Javi

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Trovit Employee Feature VII: Guillem Anguera

by Chelsea Jimenez March 14, 2012. Leave a comment

It’s been quite some time since we’ve posted a Trovit Employee Feature, but we’re back this week with one of Trovit’s most veteran employees, Guillem Anguera.


Position: Sys Admin

Time in Trovit: 3 and a half years

Age: 29

Previous Job: Sys Admin for Jazztel (telephone company).

First thing he does when he gets to the office: Guillem eats breakfast at home so he skips the kitchen and goes to his desk to get straight to work.

What he likes best about Trovit: The great working environment (young, international, diversity in opinion and points of view…)

Why he would recommend Trovit to a friend: Because everyday you learn something new.

Hobby outside of work: Too many to say, but they’re all sport-related. Year round he mountain bikes, in the winter snowboarding, and recently he has started rock climbing. It’s clear to see that Guillem is an adrenaline addict, any type of sport that carries a bit of risk he has to try. (Let’s not forget that last year he got his license to be a recreational skipper)

Music he listens to while working: Anything and everything, with very little criteria. You can see it with your own eyes as his Spotify playlists are public!

Dream job: Something outdoors that entails a bit of risk, and in one way or another, involves helping others.

Favorite view from the office: The Emisora de Esplugues (radio tower). He passes by the tower frequently on his biking excursions and he loves the panoramic views of Barcelona.

Place he would like to visit: Australia

Google results when he searches his name: He shows up quite a lot with links to his profiles on different social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter…) and also results for a professional diatonic button accordion player with the same name.

4 things everyone should know about him: He can’t come up with 4, but 1 would definitely be that he was in the Spanish military in Jaca.

His first job: In 2000 he started out as a LAN Admin in a cybercafe that was called “Over The Game.”

Something he would never do: Contradict his convictions

Want to get to know other Troviters? Find out more about Albane, CamilleDaniAislingSophia, and Javi

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Martians vs. Apples – Which Has More Jobs to Offer Android or iOS?

by Chelsea Jimenez March 6, 2012. 1 Comment

As the Mobile World Congress has come and gone (until 2013 that is), we've rolled out a new infographic to show how mobile jobs are truly going global.

A few of the bigger stats:
-We have over 84,000 mobile jobs, making up a total of 0.54% of the jobs available on Trovit.
-Globally, Trovit has 20.4% more iOS development jobs than Android dev jobs.
-The US comes in first for the most Android and the most iOS dev jobs in the world.

Check out the infographic to see more cool stats, like which city has the most mobile development jobs in the world.


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A “Mobile” Career — Mobile World Congress Edition

by Chelsea Jimenez February 27, 2012. Leave a comment


MWC February 27th-March 1st 2012

The Mobile World Congress is back in our lovely sea-side city, Barcelona, for the 2012 conferences and exhibitions. With over 65,000 attendees this year, it’s impossible to deny the importance of going mobile. As the industry grows exponentially, it has created job opportunities across the United States. On Trovit we have thousands of “mobile” jobs so we’ve broken it down by operating systems and the most popular locations so you can find them easier.

Partial to a certain operating system? No worries, we have jobs for all OS!


Some of the most popular cities across the US for mobile jobs:

The mobile phone has definitely come a long way since it’s debut in 1973. As technology consistently reinvents itself, the mobile industry is for those who aren’t afraid to think outside of the box! (And we mean literally, as the first generations of mobile phones resembled boxes more than they did telephones). We hope that the job opps above will point you in the right direction to jump start your “mobile” career.

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Happy President’s Day

by Chelsea Jimenez February 20, 2012. Leave a comment


With the long President’s Day weekend coming to an end we hope that you had some time to relax and get a bit of your “To Do” list taken care of. If finding a job, car, or home was on your list then we’re here to help! In honor of George Washington’s birthday (which is what President’s Day is all about), we’ve made a list of all things Washington to give you a few ideas while you search.

- George Washington was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia on February 22, 1732

- Washington held office as the first President of the United States from April 30, 1789 to March 4, 1797.

- We can thank George for giving name to both our nation’s capital, Washington D.C, and the state of Washington.

- Washington was not a member of any political party, and actually hoped they would not be formed, but against his wishes political parties are the backbones of our government today.

- Though cars didn’t exist in Washington’s time, if he were around today in age then he would also have the Cadillac DTS “Presidential state car”

Happy President’s Day and happy searching Troviters!

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